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Making a Difference

This book is about dreamers. About people who have the courage of conviction to dream a lot. About people who have the will to work for those dreams.

This book is an attempt to make India dream. Dream crazily. Make those dreams come true. I know it is possible. It is not a mere dream. People have done it.

Some may see this book as India bashing. It is not. Despite everything ,I believe that we can be on top of the world in five years if we put our act together, if we have a leadership that can lead the nation to dream and act. If we do not act now there will be very little of the nation left.

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Power to bring Happiness

“ Alphons believes that ultimately there is only one purpose in life: HAPPINESS. It is his strong belief that we should leave the world happier than we arrived. Lots of people believe in happiness, but mostly for themselves. Alphons believes that we got only one life and our destinies are deeply interwoven. There can be no islands of happiness. He refused to be MLA from Kanjirappally a second time, even though he would have been a Minister this time. His argument was simple: “When half of India is starving and when half the children in India do not go to school, I have no business to be an MLA from the richest constituency”. He said he wants to work on three things: food on every table, every child to school and a job for everybody. He says he got into IAS because it was the most powerful service in the world. For him power means the ability to create happiness for the persons who come in contact with him, not the ability to bully anyone into indignity. He got into politics because it gives him the power to bring a smile on human face. "

"Making a Difference"-written by Alphons Kannanthanam