“ This world belongs to those who are willing to dream big. Don’t dream like an ant; dream like an elephant- really BIG. Anybody who has become anything in the world ever, has always begun with a big dream. The problem with this generation is that they are not permitted to dream. All that parents care about is topping the class, passing the entrance examinations, getting a lucrative job and finally getting them married. This is because the only GOD we worship is MONEY. When money becomes the biggest priority, life becomes meaningless. We don’t care about using the brain and talents God has given to each of us so abundantly. I was a dumb kid, who studied in a non- electrified Malayalam medium school and scored 42% in my school board examinations. From there I went on to dream big and I decided that I would change the world with my life, where ever I was. I dared to dream big. I didn’t stop at that. Whatever I dreamt of, I worked very hard to realize them. Anybody can do whatever I did, if he/she wants to do it. But they should want it desperately.”


“ Most people don’t have confidence in their own abilities. They believe that the other person is much more intelligent and talented than you are. Unfortunately such an inferiority complex is created at childhood by parents and teachers by branding kids as dumb, average, intelligent, genius. God has never created anybody dumb. I thought I was dumb. But the moment I told myself that I was intelligent, I began to scale high in everything I did. When I finished my first debate competition in college, there were about 250 shoes on the stage, chucked at me. I was that good !!. I didn’t give up. Eventually, I became the best inter University debater in India for three years. You got to believe in yourself and keep at it. My younger son, Adarsh Alphons, was thrown out of a school at 8, as the school thought he was dumb. At 11, he became the youngest tax payer in India, selling paintings. At 13 he held a global exhibition, inaugurated by the President of India. At 23, he became the Head of the Department of a globally famous institution in the United States. If you believe in yourself sky is not the limit.”


“Most of us are very scared to live. We are scared to think, speak and do anything different. What will others think of me if I speak differently? What will others think of me if I do things differently? We are perpetually scared. I decided when I went to college that I won’t care about what the other person thinks about me. I decided to do things because I thought they were right. When I was Commissioner, Delhi Development Authority, I demolished 14310 illegal building belonging to the mafia. I could have been killed any moment. I carried two guns, most of the time. My wife was beaten up and left for dead. She survives with seven stitches on the head. My kids were beaten up. My car was shot at. I never knew whether I would return home from work. In almost every job I fought corrupt politicians. I was transferred out. I always believed that every job that I got was an assignment given to me by God. I refused to be bullied. I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. Life has been fun, living dangerously. Have guts. Live your life. It is no point living like dead fish. Let your back bone be the most important equipment in your body”.


Most people blame the system for their failures. Alphons makes no such excuses. Alphons says: “ I AM THE SYSTEM”. He believes that the system can be made to work with the right leadership. He believes that leadership is about three things: 1. The ability to have a big dream 2. The ability to share the dream 3. The ability to convert the dream into a reality. When he was the District Collector of Kottayam, he raised a voluntary force of 14000, in the pioneering literacy effort and Kottayam town became the first 100% literate town in India in 1989. In Delhi, he ignited patriotism into 36000 employees of the Delhi Development Authority, and they became the best striking force in the world and demolished 14310 illegal building belonging to the mafia. As Commissioner for Entrance Examinations, Kerala, he got them to declare the results of the entrance examinations in 5 days, instead of 3 months. He made Kanjirappally the best assembly constituency in the country when he shared his vision with the people. A leader with a vision and the ability to convert the vision into reality can radically transform India.